About Us

Eve Environmental Services is a, wholly South Australian-owned and operated company, established in 1995 by Paul Lediaev and other Director/Managers with nearly 50 years combined experience in cleaning, hygiene management, waste disposal and lawn and garden maintenance.

We understand that every action we take is vitally important to our client and that we must meet and exceed the expectations of our client at every level of the service that we provide.

To ensure total quality control, we use our own trained and motivated Staff. We offer a service that we believe is unique in South Australia. All of our ancillary services such as hygiene management are carried out in-house, ensuring that our high standards are consistently maintained. Our clients are not unknowingly dealing with several sub-contractor companies, and they only need to liaise only contact point.

To ensure the highest standards of productivity, we thoroughly train our cleaners at the start of their employment and also at each client’s premises to ensure that they work smarter rather than harder. By consistently using efficient cleaning techniques together with the correct usage of equipment and cleaning products, our cleaners are able to focus on the total presentation of your premises. Our comprehensive training program ensures that only those staff of the highest competency are used, and encompasses training in safety and the care and use of chemicals, plant and equipment and cleaning systems.

Since its inception, the company has grown to become one of Adelaide’s most experienced commercial cleaning companies. Our client portfolio includes premises of every shape and size, all of which we clean and maintain to or above our customers’ expectations.

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