Quality Policy 


Eve Environmental Services quality policy encompasses cleaning of commercial premises and the provision of other services including home cleaning, hygiene management, waste disposal and garden care throughout metropolitan Adelaide and country South Australia. The nature of the market place demands particular emphasis on technical skills, experience, reliability and quality.


Eve Environmental Services is committed to apply the Quality Assurance Systems as part of programme of continuous improvement, resulting in minimising non-conformances of any kind and meeting customer expectations - all directed towards being the leading Company in its field in Australia. The Quality Assurance Programme of Eve Environmental Services is based on the requirements of the International Standard: ISO 9001:2015 and EES is committed to maintain its certification. Quality Assurance is a basic requirement for all functions carried out by Eve Environmental Services and pervades all activities of the Company on a continuing basis


The Company is positive in its dedication to the systematic application of formal procedures aimed primarily at preventing nonconformity of its functions at all stages from initial enquiry through to completion, Eve Environmental Services in addition to customer requirements applies certain basic procedures to ensure uniform work methods to a pre-determined standard.


Management of Eve Environmental Services is responsible to ensure that these procedures are implemented and reviewed on a continuing basis to reflect the philosophies of the Company and its customers. The Management team as part of quality assurance is responsible in setting quality objectives and reviewing the performance of the objectives. A specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-oriented objective should be presented to achieve high quality cleaning service. Said objectives must be communicated to all staff.


The Company Management Group is responsible in monitoring Quality Assurance, on a continuing basis, the implementation of the Quality Assurance Programme to verify that systems and procedures are operational, to initiate corrective action, and to verify implementation and observance by regular auditing.


Management and supervising staff are responsible in ensuring that all such methods are clearly defined, documented, and applied to the regular working methods under their control. It is the responsibility of management and supervising staff to ensure that all employees of Eve Environmental Services are aware of, and understand, the Quality Policy.




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