What makes a house look beautiful? Great interior décor, expensive showpieces, mini bars, squeaky clean floors, expensive furniture- yes all these. But what about the exterior? A visitor when enters the house, the moment he opens the gate, that is when he or he forms an impression of your house. Now none of us would want to create a bad impression of our house. A well maintained lawn or garden just creates the right impression of a house. Many houses have a little open space at the front which is utilized as a front lawn or a garden.

Now just building up a lawn is not where a housekeeper’s job ends. Rather it is just the beginning. Maintaining that lawn and taking proper care of it is extremely important to make your house look good. Once the lawn stays out of care for a period of time, it becomes very difficult to restore it back to a proper condition. Also, one needs to know the proper techniques to take care of a lawn. Here we give you a few useful tips to take care of that beautiful piece of green land in front of your house.

·         Before you build up a lawn, you have to set up the soil properly so that it supports so many grasses and shrubs. There are many DIY 9do it yourself) soil testing kits available in the market that test the pH balance of the soil. So the very first thing you need to do is to check whether the soil is suitable for gardening and whether it would from a thick crust on the top layer or not.

·         Next, take off all the weeds and other plants on that piece of land. Then you have to loosen up the soil for better absorption of water and other minerals and nutrients in the soil.

·         Weeds are something that is very harmful for a lawn or a garden. They absorb all the nutrients and minerals present in the soil, which is needed by the grasses of your lawn. So check for these weeds on a daily basis, positively. Visit the lawn at early morning or even in the evening. Once you find these weeds growing, take steps to cut them down immediately. They grow very fast and make your beautiful lawn look ugly.

·         Keep adding loam and compost to the soil from time to time. These are extremely important for the soil and for the lawn that is growing on it. The compost and loam are natural ways to increase the fertility of the soil.

·         One very important tip to remember to properly maintain your lawn is the drainage system. One thing you can do is making a permanent slope that would drain our all the excess water from the lawn and keep it healthy. Excess water does no good to the lawn and harms the grasses.

·         Cleaning the lawn regularly is extremely important. Mowing is a great way to do that. Nowadays, there are many mowers that are very light in weight and anybody can use it. Mowing ensures that there are no weeds or unwanted grasses on the lawn. After a mowing session, the ground looks very beautiful and the heads of the grasses are all in the same level. So the lawn looks well uniformed and very pretty.

·          Raking is also a good way to take care of the grasses in your front lawn that you built so lovingly. Raking lets the roots of the grasses in your lawn to breathe in and spread out more. It soaks in and absorbs the water from the soil very fast. As a result, the grasses turn greener and the lawn look more beautiful than ever before. Raking also helps to clean the soil of the dried leaves that keep falling on the ground by removing them. Hence the grasses and shrubs receive maximum sunlight and water for their growth.

·         Watering for plants, shrubs or grasses is as important to them as oxygen is for us. Water your lawn daily, preferably at dusk to make sure your lawn flourishes well.

·         Seek expert professional advice and help in matters where you feel confused and you are in ma dilemma. They have been properly trained and they know each plant well. Also, experience counts. Any wrong step from you side might affect the beauty of your lawn.

Here were all the tips one would need to maintain and take care of a front lawn to make it look beautiful. Follow these tips and you are there!

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