Move Out Cleaning Services Start The Moment That You Move In!


When is the right time to check out the clauses in your rental contract on what moving out may cost you? Well, the good advice is right at the beginning when you are negotiating the clauses with the landlord before you are about to move in. Consider it for a moment, the landlord wants you to occupy the offices that may have been vacant for a while, you are preparing to move in and your business is important to the landlord. Perhaps it is the moment when you and your company are most attractive to the landlord, so for this reason you should negotiate the leaving terms to get the best conditions available to you when it is time to move on and move out.

What are you taking on with your new premises?

It may seem a simple question to answer or it could actually be quite complex. Looking at this a bit closer it is possible to understand the range of options or choices that could face you. If you are looking for a serviced office that you will use for a short term sales campaign or something similar and the owner will provide you with desks, phones and access points for you team’s computer devices the impact when you move in and when you move out your impact will be minimal. Particularly if the computer equipment will be connected by Wifi, your presence will be hardly noticed.

The service company will have built the cleaning of the office when you leave into the contract and you may pay a little over the odds compared to organising your own cleaning, but it is one less problem you have to deal with and it is probably worth your while to hand over this task to the managed premises providers.

Preparing for longer term tenancy

Your chief objective should be to clarify exactly what your exit costs could be. You should focus on the state of the premises when you move in. If you need to effectively fit out an empty shell of an office building, install lighting, partition walls, wall painting, carpets or flooring and cabling you need to make sure that all this is well documented in the rental agreement and that the additional value this lends to the premises rental value allows you to be compensated should you leave the premises.

Essentially every investment you make in the premises needs to count in your favour even if the landlord does not want to retain your improvements. Take great care that you do not find yourself responsible for depreciation. This is something that you can never control and should never be asked to pay for as part of your contract closure penalties.

Graffiti, peeling exterior paintwork, or lifts that don’t work as well as they should never be your concern from a contractual point of view and you should never be charged for making good any form of premises depreciation at any time.

Use your office cleaning service provider to help you

If you have an office cleaning professional company at hand to help you to enter into a tenancy contract, you will have been able to get great advice about how you should divide the responsibilities and costs with your landlord right from the start. Once the time comes for you to leave and move on the division of costs of departure will be clearly laid out try to make sure an amicable parting can take place with little fuss or argument.

If your contract was not made crystal clear about how you need to return the office premises when you vacate them the office cleaning company can still help you in a way that could save you a great deal of money. Contact the professional office cleaning company and ask if they will send a representative to discuss your contract. They should be able to offer you a no obligation appointment.

This skilled advisor will be able to examine your contract, the state of the offices and advise you precisely what your liability will be to return to the original contract obligations of the office’s conditions when you took it over.  

From simple cleaning to complex reconstruction

The best scenario is that desks will be cleaned and waste baskets emptied and then you and your team will be gone. You just need to make sure a good professional office cleaning company does a good job and you can collect your full deposit and put it back into your bank, all well done!

If you have built partition walls, fitted out wall to wall carpets that has become worn and dirty and installed cabling, false ceilings and other fittings that are only relevant to your business the cost of returning the office facilities to the landlord could cost you more. The professional office cleaning company that is working for you will ensure that any costs that may be required are minimised and you will pay the least possible because they are working for you, not the landlord so bear this in mind!

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