When running a busy business, the last thing you need to worry about is cleaning the office. Most people hire a commercial cleaning Adelaide service provider to help them out. But before hiring a commercial office cleaner, it is recommended to ensure that you have already developed an office cleaning checklist. This helps the cleaning service provider to know exactly what is expected of him and the duties that he is required to undertake so as to fulfill his contract.

Also before hiring a commercial office service provider, there are a number of things you need to know. First of all, you need to know the types of office cleaning supplies that are used in the task. Here is a rundown on the basic office cleaning supplies.

•    Sterile wipes: These are used for cleaning items such as the telephones, computer monitors and the likes. An anti-static type in this case is recommended.

•    All purpose disinfectant: This is used for cleaning the light switches, surfaces, door and window handles, etc; typically anything that get touched by people’s hands. It is recommended that a type that is able to dissolve grime and dirt be chosen. A type that is odourless also needs to be selected so as not to irritate the staff members. Not only should this disinfectant deodorize the office, it should also be able to effectively keep the surfaces looking clean and germs free.

•    Erasing pads: These types of pads come impregnated with a cleaner and are perfect for removing dirt, fingerprints and scuff marks from painted surfaces.

•    Bleach: This is a perfect for cleaning the office break room as it effectively cleans surfaces where food is prepared. Not only this, it kills pathogens thereby preventing food contamination.

•    Toilet cleaner: There can’t be a clean toilet without the use of an appropriate cleaner. Apart from the cleaning function, the selected cleaner should also be able to keep the room smelling fresh.

•    Dusters, brooms and mops: These all are basic cleaning supplies. Select mops that can easily reach tight corners. Also make sure to acquire mops that have disposable heads and are made from hygienic materials. The brooms should be of different materials and sizes to suit the surfaces being cleaned.  You also need to acquire a range of dusters made of different materials, including an anti-static dusting cloth for cleaning mirrors, blinds and computer screens.

•    Carpet cleaning supplies: There are different types of supplies for cleaning the office carpet. A vacuum cleaner in this case is an essential office cleaning supply. Depending on the size of your office, acquire a medium- to large-sized vacuum cleaner. Make sure it has an excellent suctioning function. The equipment also needs to come fitted with attachments for cleaning curtains and upholstery. Maintain and service your vacuum cleaner on a regular basis so as to make sure it functions optimally at all times.

Ensure to keep a selection of special supplies, for instance dry foam cleaner, stain remover, gum remover, spray fabric protector, etc, for effective cleaning.

Cleaning checklists

The reception room cleaning checklist

This is the first place people see when they enter your commercial premises. So it is important to keep the place clean so that it makes a good impression to your visitors. For this reason, the reception and the foyer needs more than just a routine weekly dusting. It needs to be cleaned and vacuumed on a daily basis. If carpeted, then the carpet needs to be regularly stem cleaned to prevent it from becoming too stained or dirty. The floor needs to be polished and treated on a regular basis so as to prevent it from becoming dull.

The windows should be kept clean in and outside. The door handles and light switches must also be kept as clean as possible. Cobwebs should be regularly removed from the ceiling and the corners. Last but not the least, trash bins should be emptied on a daily basis and all the surfaces dusted and sanitized.

Restroom cleaning checklist

Restrooms need to be cleaned at least once per day depending on usage frequency. If used by many people, then the bathrooms to be cleaned more than once on a daily basis. The cleaning regime has to include the floors, toilet bowls, urinals, hand basins, etc. Towels and hand sanitizers must be replaced as often as possible. Hand dryers, mirrors and light switches should be cleaned. The air fresheners also need to be refilled or replaced. Waste bins should be emptied.

Office area cleaning checklist

All others areas in an office need to be dusted, cleaned and vacuumed on a daily basis or as need be. External and internal windows all need to be kept clean.

Kitchen and break room cleaning checklist

All surfaces in these areas need to be sanitized, giving special attention to cooking surfaces, sinks and food preparation areas. The staff members need to be reminded not to leave leftover food in the refrigerator.  Chairs and tables all need to be cleaned or cleansed.

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