We want to stay clean, eat clean and work clean, isn’t it? At home, it kills us when we see dirt or dust on our favorite gadgets or appliances. There are many people who are cleanliness freaks and they will clean their homes every single day or even twice a day. Same goes for our workplace. In this age, we spend most of the time in our workplaces during a day. It is quite obvious that we would want our workplaces to be clean and tidy.

                      But the real issue is the huge difference between cleaning our homes and cleaning an office. Where in our homes we have a few family members, in an office we work with hundreds of people. For the bigger and more reputed companies, there can be thousands of employees and it is the employers’ duty to provide a clean working environment to them. That’s where the real challenge lies.

                       Office cleaning works are generally given out as contracts to professional office cleaning companies. Now, selecting such a company is no easy job. There are companies in the market that have been doing this job for years still they fall short to deliver as per the contract. So while selecting and interviewing a company for the cleaning job, one has to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, contracts are given on the basis of the size of the building and the strength of the employees. Secondly, while interviewing, it is really important for the employers to know what services a company offers. Lastly, it is safe and advised that such contracts should o to well known companies in the market. They have built a certain reputation over the years and they take their work very seriously.

                       The ideal cleaning company is one which does the following jobs-

·         Cleaning the toilets and lavatories

·         Dusting the surface and office furniture

·         Clean the coffee maker

·         Cleaning the glass doors and windows

·         Emptying all the dustbins regularly and washing them too

·         Steam cleaning of the carpets

·         Sweeping, wet mopping and vacuum cleaning the floor and other areas

·         Cleaning the store room and all the other appliances in the store room

Well, these are only a few of the services that a professional cleaning company offers. There are many more, which are obviously based on the contract signed. However, one has to know how to get the best out of such cleaning companies. For example, the cleaning and dusting should be done very regularly to avoid the dust to sit on the floors and carpets and furniture.

                            What are the benefits of hiring a professional cleaning company? Of course, there is peace of mind. No one has to worry about dirty floors, dirty toilets, glitches in the coffee machines etc. When cleaning companies take contracts, they leave no stone unturned to get their job done. Thus, the employees concentrate more on their work and in the long run, it increases productivity.

                            Secondly, giving out contracts to professional cleaning companies also saves time and energy and money. In an office, where employees are saved from doing the regular cleaning work, it gives them more time to do their own work. It also saves money, as one does not have to pay the cleaner every single time he cleans. There is just one payment at the beginning of the contract.

                           Not to forget, the healthy and dirt-free environment the office offers to its workers. With proper and regular cleaning, the disease causing bacteria and viruses and other pathogens are not able to grow. So the number of people taking sick leaves will go down soon and it will in turn increase the annual productivity and man power of the office.

                        Also, a neat and clean office leaves a great first impression on the minds of visitors and top business tycoons, that stays with them for a long time. First impression, well, is the last impression in case of business. A neat and clean office is the secret to a good reputation that a company needs to build.

                      Also, one must remember that the main difference between cleaning the homes and cleaning an office is that we clean our homes daily more because of luxury purposes. With fewer members, the dirt and dust accumulated is also lesser. But in an office, with so many people working around, it becomes a necessity to have a clean environment. When giving out the contract to a cleaning company, the employer has to take care of the fact that it should not hinder the office’s man hours. So the ideal time for cleaning should be on weekends or at late nights when the office is empty without anybody or a handful of people working around.


Now we know that differences between home cleaning and office cleaning and why it is so important to have a neat and clean office.


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