Are you the one who is extremely particular about the décor of your house? Do you believe that interior decoration is as important as the exterior one? Of course, you are a decoration freak. You will probably buy expensive items from around the world just to make your den look good. Carpets cannot be left far behind in your shopping list, right? Extra cookie points if you are a carpet freak too. Any handicrafts fair you visit, you will definitely come out with a carpet. These beautiful carpets not only make your home look good and posh, but they are so soft that we do not feel like sitting on the bed even for a moment. So far, so good. The problem arises when your favorite carpet is stained with marks or accidental spills. Now it does not need to be said that the wash routine of carpets is far different from that of normal clothes or fabrics. Carpets need special care. Now, you do not need to panic if your favorite carpet is stained with guy marks. We have just the right tricks and tips up in our sleeves that will remove the stain without any damage to your beautiful carpet. Given below are the few things you can do to clean your carpet if it is stained.

1) The first technique is the absorbent way or the dry extraction method. This is a very simple one and does not take much time. All you need is a spray bottle. You can use old deodorant or perfume bottle or sprinkler. Mix a small amount of detergent in the water and lightly spray the area which is stained. After done with the spraying, make sure you blot it dry. Let it dry completely and then you can vacuum clean it. Try to use an organic solution as it works better and more effectively on stains.

2) Next you can use the bonnet method to clean your carpet. You need a rotating brush for this purpose. Use the rotating brush along with water to moisten those parts of the carpet that you need to clean. Then using the sprinkler, spray water on those parts. Then blot that part of the carpet dry with a dry cloth till the excess water is removed. Now use the brush and rub on that part of the carpet which is stained. This will remove the dirt. However, if you are cleaning the entire carpet, do not go for this method as it will get very time consuming.

3) The shampoo technique of cleaning the carpet is also an effective one. And easy too. Pour the shampoo, wet or foam, in a sprinkler and spray it on the affected area. Wait till it completely dries up and then clean the area with a vacuum cleaner. All the dirt particles come out due to the pressure of the vacuum cleaner. However, if the stains are dark and hard to remove, you might have to rub the area with a soft sponge or a soft bristled brush after spraying the shampoo to ensure that the dirt gets loose.

4) The steam technique is the most common and widely used method to clean carpets. For this, the carpet needs to be vacuum cleaned at first. Then it is time to get the steam cleaner ready. It is not a difficult task as all the directions are mentioned. Add the detergent and adjust everything as per the instructions given. Then using the lever, spray the detergent liquid on the carpet. Let the carpet stand like this for some time, say about five to ten minutes. Now run the steam cleaner over that area and this will pull out all the dirt in that area. Make sure you change the dirty water and refill lit with clean water from time to time, else the entire purpose of cleaning will go in vain. Let the water dry out completely so that the carpet does not smell odd. Now you are done with cleaning the stain off your carpet.

5) You can make your own carpet powder instead of using detergents. For this you will need to mix one part of borax and two parts of cornmeal. If you find your carpet letting out foul odors, you can also use baking soda instead of the borax in the same proportion of course. Now sprinkle this powder over the carpet and let it stand for about an hour. Then vacuum the carpet. This powder removes the dirt, the one hour time prevents mold growth and also lends a good smell to the carpet. Normal vacuuming or cleaning does not do this.


Congrats now! You just got to know the most effective and the easiest tricks and tips to keep your favorite precious piece of carpet clean. The next time it is stained, just follow these simple tips and your carpet is squeaky clean!


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