Having a well-maintained landscape can make your property look beautiful and inviting. The good news is that with some effort, you can have a lawn like those you see in magazines. Designing a good landscape is the first step, but you also need to ensure that you maintain the property to keep it in the best shape. By working with professionals, you can enjoy the landscape of your dreams. When planning your landscape, make sure that you choose features that will bring out the best in your property. Consider what you need and talk to an expert about how to bring your vision into reality.

Landscape design elements

A well-designed landscape design incorporates unity, balance, proportion and variety. Unity involves tying the landscape together to ensure cohesion. It is important to resist the urge to have a single plant for each plant variety or plants with different colors. To create unity, you should have the same plants in specific parts of the landscape. When creating balance, you need to know that it can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical but it needs to achieve equality or even distribution. If you choose a symmetrical design, one side will be a mirror image of the other. An asymmetrical design is not identical but it has several equal or similar points of interest.

Proportion describes the idea where the landscape features are in scale with the home. It is important to think about the ultimate size of a shrub or tree when you decide to plant one. The 7-foot maple tree that you are eying may end up being over 20 feet within a few years and it can grow up to 100 feet with time. Proportion also comes into play with smaller plants. Variety allows you to show your creativity when designing your property. You need to be careful, as too much variety can be distracting. Resist the urge to fill every inch of your yard with plants and remember that empty spaces can be just as effective.

Choosing plants for your landscape

One of the most important design principles includes choosing the right plants for your landscape. Remember that both large and small plants offer different things to the landscape. Think about the form and this includes the shape and size of the plants. A good design will use bed lines, either straight or curved, to separate sections of the garden or draw the eye towards a feature or a focal point. Think about the texture of the plants and note that flowers, leaves and stems have texture. Look for plants that complement or contrast as a basic to a great garden design.

Think about the color

Color is a very important factor when designing your garden or landscape. It is important to realize that color is the most visible or obvious part of the landscape. Unfortunately, it is also the most misunderstood factor. A landscape that is well designed can look good even without other colors (apart from green). Using color wisely will help to accent your garden, but too much color will appear grating or harsh. When choosing which plants to use, you need to keep color in mind. Note that the house is usually the dominant feature of the landscape and the colors you choose should complement the home's color. Consider the timing and duration of blooms when choosing flowers.

Adding a planting bed to your lawn

A planting bed can help to enhance your home landscape. You can call attention to the home's best features using the right plants or flowers. A small tree or a specimen shrub can work perfectly to accent your landing or front door. You can also use shade trees to frame your house. Determine the type of planting bed that will suit your current landscape and do not hesitate to get professional help for the best results. When selecting plants for the bed, consider their maturity size and find out about their water and sunlight requirements.

Maintaining your landscape

To ensure that your lawn or landscape retains its great look, you need to ensure that you get regular maintenance. It is important to assess the health of the existing plants and remove any plants that are undesirable. When you get professional lawn and gardening services, you can benefit from their expertise. The experts can carry out a soil test and they recommend changes that are necessary to create the perfect landscape. Having someone working on your lawn on a regular basis will give you peace of mind, and you can be confident of getting the best results.

The best thing that you can do for your landscape is to get the best lawn care service. It is important to realize that the firm you work with will determine what you get. The perfect lawns you see around do not happen by accident. The truth is that there is always someone with the relevant expertise behind the perfectly manicured lawns or the beautiful landscapes that you see in the magazines!

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