Springtime is the season of the year during which the weather becomes warmer and plants seem to be reborn that is why it is considered as the most colorful season of the year.  It is also during this season that students in some universities take a short break to give them a chance to rest and for schools to prepare for the next school season.

Preparedness is not confined to lesson plans and educational materials alone but it also covers the physical set up and cleanliness of the school and school grounds. Regarding spring clean-up, useful tips are very much appreciated by cleaners to guide them in making their work faster and easier without compromising the result.

Include everyone when it comes to cleaning the school

Include everyone except those with medical conditions that may necessitate absence from the activity. Frame the activity as part of the fun and you can present it as a launch pad into the summer season. With all those helping hands, you can easily divide the work load and delegate age appropriate tasks. You also make everyone aware of their responsibilities when it comes to making the school a better place to breathe in at all times.

Wear protective cleaning gears while cleaning

It is always advisable to protect yourself and your co-cleaners before engaging in a spring clean-up. Rubber gloves and disposable masks should be available. Since you will be in close contact with dust and other irritants, have some antihistamines ready too.

Organize the cleaning job

You cannot just start from anywhere. Otherwise, you will end up redoing the job several times. It is best to clean from top to bottom. Deal with the ceilings first and floors will be the last. This will make cleaning more systematic for you and for the rest of the group.


Always make sure that there is ample preparation before you start the job. Have the cleaning materials ready. Before the clean-up, all the necessary cleaning equipment should be ready to avoid going back and forth to the storeroom or to the grocery.

Try some simple solutions when cleaning

Wash the windows and let the sunshine in. A simple vinegar and water solution can be used for this. Wipe it off with old newspapers. Kids would love to do this but keep adult supervision at a close distance. Pull down those thick drapes and replace them with lighter curtains.

Pay attention to specific things that need cleaning attention

There are a lot of things to focus your attention on when it comes to cleaning your school. If school desks and other wooden furniture are ringed with soda can bottoms, restore their original look with beeswax. Make sure you also remove carpets and mats then have them washed and buffed.  Sort out school files and remove what is outdated and irrelevant. Discard old textbooks, notes and paper works that are no longer useful. This should also be done to school drawers to make a space for newer files. This is likewise the best time of the year for bug hunting. Check the school's exterior for wasp and beehives. Call a professional to get rid of these insects before they spread to a greater extent.

Try other simple but helpful tips

Go green. Avoid harmful chemicals whenever possible. Use eco-friendly solutions when cleaning and disinfecting.  Also, now that the cold and flu season is over, it is best to disinfect your surroundings by using disinfectant wipes. Pay particular attention to surfaces that are frequently touched by students. Clean or change A/C filters as dust can easily collect in this spaces.

Do not forget to clean what's seen in the outside of your school premises

Cleaning the school grounds must be included in your list of priorities. Tidy up the lawn and trim down the bushes. Freshen up grassy grounds with a new look by replacing old and unattractive plants. It is a good idea to add some plants that will flourish and go well with the next season. This is the best way by which you can attract students to enroll in your school.

Reorganize everything after cleaning

After all the cleaning, rearrange furniture pieces and other stuff. This will give classrooms an updated and inviting look to students who will be coming in for the next season. Decorate with relevant and educational materials especially for kindergartens.

Use discarded things for a good cause

This is also the time to have that charitable spirit. Donate what you have discarded but see to it that they can still be used. What is no longer useful to you may be a treasure to the less fortunate.

When you feel overwhelmed with school cleaning in Adelaide during the spring break, you can ask the help of expert cleaning companies like us. We can help you with a great cleaning endeavor and make life easier for you when it comes to school cleaning.

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